Los que enredan la verdad con sus palabras

Llevan risas macabras

Y no recibirán consuelo 

Cuando haya finalizado  el vuelo

Ocultos al viento entre paredes

Magisterios, jueces ,y facultades

El que el silencio interpreta

Carga su escopeta

La Verdad es su anhelo

Alejando su corazon del desvelo

A dejado el abrazo de su demensia

Es inhospide el frio en la ausencia

Una lagrima cristalizada a un diamante


La joventud y el placer provocante. 

Todo se acaba.

Buscaba comprender el poeta 

Absoluto todo es illusion en su planeta

Solo encontró a la poesía

y a su prima la telequinesia. 


Murder Suicide in Las Vegas Daycare

During the time that I worked as part of a surgical team in Tucson I meet her. She was a beautiful, blonde with blue eyes. She always carried that what some call the “bitch resting face” but it only took a little joke to spark the beautiful smile hidding within. Her name was Christina, she was a surgical nurse, and a loving mother.

Christina was not easy to get to know, she kept her circle tight. Often times I said innapropiate jokes that sparked her laughter. Oh that dark, dark humor. Anybody else just found me offensive, but she understood the irony of a dark joke. She was super friendly once you gained her trust and bad men used that against her. Her exboyfriend a psycho surgical sales rep, tried to intimidate me once in the locker rooms, stared at me, and stalked the halls of the hospital. I knew the guy was bad news, but I did not had proof.

The successful and accomplish surgical nurse feared for her life. Christina was always looking over her shoulder, expecting somebody to come attack her. She had a restraining order against the biological father of her children, he was an abuser and had threated to kill her. Even with the burden of her stalkers, she was a happy person. One morning I prepared surgical room two for her pediatric case. She hugged me and said goodbye, could not say where she was going but she said I was going to be missed.

Christina escaped to Las Vegas in fear and tried to start a new life. However, the threats continued she knew the father of her children had followed her with the objective to end her life. There are reports that she contacted the local authorities to reports her ex had followed her and broken a restraining order she had against him, but authorities did not listened to her claims.

One cold morning Christina arrived at the local Las Vegas day care to drop of her little boy and girl before beggining her surgical shift. However, the beast had made plans. He was waiting for them inside a truck and fired the shots accross the parking lot outside the daycare. Christina bleed to death watching her wounded children. Then the deranged man fired upon himself ending his life on site.

By the prayers of a mother for divine intervention, the children were not mortally wounded and survived the act of true horror. The nature of a mother to protect her children, a loving mother’s life was cut short by the acts of a mentally disturbed individual. The news came to me the same morning of the incident, many surgical staff cried her death. We mourned her quick and violent departure from Earth.

Many cases are seen more often, like Christina’s . Narcicistic men exerting their physical force against women and ending their lives. No more violence against women. It is important that we educate ourselves about the dangers of an abusive relationship. To identify red flags, learn to identify abusers, and timely end a relationship. If you are the victim of abuse I urge you to seek help, there are groups designed to help victims. Eventhough, you might feel lonely you are never alone. #VICTIMSOFCRIME.ORG #CHAT.VICTIMCONNECT.ORG #855-484-2846 #VOICESINACTION.ORG #800-656-4673

“Love does not delight in evil, but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, alwayst truts, always hopes, always perseveres.” (1Corinthians13:6-7)

ON A PERSONAL NOTE: Christina’s death left a mark in my timeline and in the lives of many more. May she dwell in the house of the Lord forever.



Escucho el desliz de una puerta que reconosco como aquella que abre  hacia el balcon.  Una noche fria, lluviosa, y mi aliento se mezcla con el humo de un cigarrillo. En el horizonte se ve una joven caminar, lleva pantalon negro, converse azules y una sombrilla blanca cubre su rostro. La observo caminar por la banqueta y su figura se desvanece alo largo del paseo maritimo. Entonces recuerdo y mi espiritu la busca con lagrimas que corren por mis mejillas, como el agua que corre por la coladera en busqueda del mar. En esa noche fria de lluvia veo su figura bajo las gotas que abre su camino desde el cielo. Sus mejillas son rosadas y sus ojos como priedas preciosas que brillan en la luz. Su pelo es lizo y su  piel mas suave que el petalo de una rosa. Entonces ella me pregunta,”Cual es tu adiccion?”  Pues el haber amado hasta la locura. Descubri una noche  oscura entre tinieblas  y sonidos amargos.

Quantum Entanglement


quantumentanglement (2)


To understand Quantum Entanglement, one must first understand the difference between Quantum mechanics and Quantum Physics.  Mechanics are the principles used to try to explain the strange behavior of matter and energy. Quantum Physics is the branch of science that focuses on systems such as Quantum Mechanics. Essentially, is the study of particles at subatomic level. Beyond what the naked eye can see.

Therefore, Quantum Mechanics describes the fundamental concept of quantized or discrete nature of matter and energy. The study of its behavior. Strange behaviors have been observed by physicist that tried to prove probability in nature. Quantum Physics  defies classical physics’ rules. Quantum Physicists concur that particles of matter and photons of light observed at subatomic level behave as if they had a mind of its own.

This phenomenon is known as Quantum Entanglement. This observed physical phenomenon occurs when particles generated: interact, sharing proximity in a way that each particle can not be described independently of the others. Even when a pair of particles is separated by a long distance, they are aware of each other. If we observe and measure their physical properties such as: momentum, position, spin, and polarization they correlate perfectly. Sync occurs immediately, it is believed the information shared between this pair of particles travels faster than the speed of light.

What physicist found is that particles of matter, and photons of energy observed at a subatomic level behave as if they were aware. The discovery of a consciousness inside this most minute system. It is safe to infer this awareness behind the subatomic structure of our universe is governed by our Creator.  Jesus said, “I am the Alpha and the Omega.” He is all omnipotent, can bend time and space because He was there before everything was created.



The Secret

hand of God (2)  In the Bible you will find everything you need for salvation. With that been said it is imperative to understand the most valuable scriptures were written by the apostles after the true church of Christ was build. In contrary with protestant views that are a part of the New Age. Their belief system is build after the scriptures, and not in accordance with holy time. The scriptures were written for the church, and the church was not build for the scriptures, but for the Living God. He hid his messages in verbal traditions and metaphors before time was recorded.

According to the scientific community the Earth is 4.5 billion years old, but who knows? Every cycle on Earth forms new land and destroys the old, that is the primary function of the plate tectonics. Making carbon dating an obsolete form to measure time since you can only measure how old something is before it is destroyed by the inevitable nature of itself.

There were 14 generations between Abraham and David;  14 generations between David and Daniel, 14 generations between Daniel and Jesus. Totaling 42 generations between Abraham and Jesus. After, time started been recorded. Measured after the Nativity of The Christ. Before time was recorded we kept our knowledge of the old world through verbal tradition.

According to verbal tradition time can be measured in 3 parts:  The Time of the Father, is The Genesis and when he spoke to the Prophets. The Time of The Son is the incarnation of Jesus into the world. When he destroyed the temple and in 3 days build a new Church. The time we are living now, is of the Holy Spirit. Jesus brought the word of God and with Him The Holy Spirit.

Today we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit to the Apostolic College and The Virgin Mary. The Holy Spirit brought the knowledge to the world and now we rejoice in language and mathematics. Never had the world seen so much knowledge before, it is the gift of the Holy Spirit.

By revelation men were granted the mystery of the distribution of God’s graces. In other words we were shown the way to receive God’s gifts. This revelation was not given to men of other times, but only revealed to the apostles and prophets. The Gospel brings forth the virtue of heritage to the pagans, members of the same body and promise in Jesus Christ. By doing so, pagans become part of the genealogy of Joseph and heirs of the promised land that is Heaven.



Is Real


My blood is royal, through the bounty of my Creator. The sacred river withholds my blood by the passion of The Christ. The Angel of God, that incarnated in always Virgin Mary to die in the cross for our sins. Through the Genealogy  Joseph adoptive-father of Jesus, I am too descended of King David and Judah son of Israel.

Christians become part of the body of Jesus, by the term Catholic we let know we are  The Universal Church that covers everything. No man in a life time could read all that has been written, everything that has been revealed to mankind and the truth is there is only one true church founded by Christ and Mary is our Immaculate Mother.

During pregnancy, the mother and the baby are one flesh. There is moment, when they are one heart beat. The Immaculate Heart of Mary is one with Jesus, there is nothing in her heart that would go against the will of God that is the reason she was chosen to be the Mother of God. She brings comfort to our troubled hearts, and intercedes for us in time of our Death.  The enemy snake is at her feet, crawls in her presence because she is all pure revealed as a true perfect slave of God. A loving mother that gave up her only son to be tortured and put to death by the will of God for the redemption of mankind.

The only pain in my heart is for my brothers and sisters that would not listen to the words that Jesus said.  Happiness is living in the grace of God, filling the spirit with the scriptures. Illness can be cured through the power of God. Therefore, I am also a healer.



Spiritual Sphere


Aside from the 4 Dimensions of space and time, there are other dimensions. It is hard to say how many there are exactly, some suggest there are 11 dimensions. Others that there are infinite number of dimensions.

There is a place in this world, same time and space. A different place that the mind goes whenever people dream. It can not be seen with the eyes of this world, but it has colors, shapes,  and everything is possible . Sort of a place where all souls meet in a collective world, most walk unaware. Going through their dream grounded in the world. Therefore unable to see the wonder that they live.

This place is the spiritual sphere, where humans meet angels and demons drag themselves. In the spiritual world there is no time. That is the reason why we are able to have dreams that feel like days. Then we wake up and its only been a couple of minutes or hours. The natural laws of nature have no meaning here, because simply it is not a world of matter.

We are like an essence, yet we have bodies and can feel the cold. Our bodies can not perish as they are not made of flesh. There are few people that are aware of this place, awaken some might say.  We can share ideas, and learn new things from others.  This is the channel our spiritual guide uses to communicate with us.

Both of our bodies are connected through our conscious. Sometimes bad entities that wish to see us perish harm our physical body through the spiritual body and wounds appear on the flesh like bites and scratches. Our formidable opponent, ferocious, and blood thirst. It is this spiritual sphere that connects us all to the world of the subconsciousness.

Spiritual wars are fought in this ground between humans and demons that wish their faith of eternal torture on us.  Battles that are bigger than world wars, for the faith of humanity. We train our spiritual body through our physical body, in other words what we do on Earth directly correlates to the Spiritual Sphere. Humans become stronger through prayer. Our weaknesses become opportunities to build strengths through the body of Christ.

Dead Poet

Screenshot (6)

Why do we write poetry? Not to look cute, or impress the women.

Well,  perhaps to swoon women and let the spirit flow. 

For thou art like a star, glowing in the night.

De un poema bilingue en la noche turbia.

La intriga y el misterio de tu enigma.

Derritiendo un crystal en el tiempo.

Con tu figura bajo la lluvia en mi piel. 

Sulle Strade della vita, Io scelgo il piu vecchio 

Perche’ e’ l’unico che rimane nel tempo.

Un verso poetico trilingue al suo palato

De poeta morto por causa de un beijo.

Visto que os spiritos falam linguas. 

Escrevo un poema multicultural do meu coração

Ao seu terno coração da crystal 


Quantum Physics & The Genesis

Quantum Physics has a principal theory that everything is made up of waves; also particles. It shows that all physical matter around us is the result of a frequency, and that if the frequency is amplified the structure of the matter will change.

In the first book of the Bible, Genesis states that before time God existed. He then spoke commanding light and there was light, after He created everything else. We can reason a voice is a sound, and sounds are measured in frequency. Therefore, a voice is also a form of a frequency. It is safe to infer The Book of Genesis is based on facts that can now be strengthen by Modern Quantum Physics.

The Big-bang Theory suggests that before time existed there was an enormous frequency(also voice). Albert Einstein also solved mathematically the Theory of Relativity, that suggests after the big frequency light was born. Then matter originated from it. As light traveled and doubled its speed matter was born. Proved by the equation E=mc^2.

It is only reasonable to understand science and religion are not natural enemies. Science is knowledge that helps us understand the force that governs our nature, and for us to be able to see how God moves in the world.

The Father of Quantum Physics Max Planck said, “All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together we must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. “

Observable physical truth that there is awareness at subatomic levels, this conscious must be governed by God. Jesus is the mystery, man must solve. He is bigger than the cosmos and is also in the most minute.